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We are glad to bring you MTNLCloud News letter. With this, we hope to bring you communication about latest features implemented in MTNLCloud, articles on how to use the features as well as General articles on Information Security. We hope you find this informative and enjoy the contents.

Dr. Ramanadham

Note of Appreciation

While all of us work for Salary, it is heartfelt appreciation from customers that encourages one to go beyond the call of duty. Dr. Ramanadham Muthyala, retired from BARC as Outstanding Scientist and Head, SSP Division has some kind words for us.

“After hearing me out, the person, a girl, explained to me and clarified on all my concerns. The information she gave me was mostly new to me, and I found it not only very useful, but her tone and tenor very persuasive, friendly, concise, precise and to the point. I was very pleased. ”

Thanks, Dr. Muthyala! We will try to keep the standards high and aim for more. You can read the full note from Dr. Ramanadham here.


Ever since MTNLCloud took over Email addresses in Aug 2016, various security measures have been put in place. These measures not only block threats, but also indicate that there is an army of hackers trying to target MTNL users with Phishing. We bring you some such emails blocked by MTNLCloud. We hope this will help MTNLCloud users recognize phishing efforts should they chance upon one.

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Did you know that you can do Text / Video chat using your MTNLCloud account? Well, it is true. This article tells you how.

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If you are an heavy Internet user, you must have come across really difficult CAPTCHA’s. Rather than testing whether you are human, some of them seem to test whether you can clear MENSA IQ Test! In this article, we look out how we handle CAPTCHA in MTNLCloud. If you are a techie, this article will be of interest to you.

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New Features

Cloud Email – Advertisement Free Service

For the brand conscious business, this features removes third party Advertisement appearing in the emails.

Avail Service

Cloud Business Messaging

Gives you more space for emails as well as storing files. Comes with 1GB space.

Avail Service

Cloud Enterprise Messaging

Ideal for the Enterprise user whose primary communication is through emails. Comes with 5GB email as well as document storage space.


Avail Service

Cloud Executive Messaging

Designed for the CXO, Executive gives 100GB space for emails as well as document storage.

Avail Service

Cloud BeThere Text / Video Chat

Text chat with ability to transfer files and HD like Video chat, only with MTNLCloud account.

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We thank you for your support to MTNLCloud. We welcome your feedback / suggestions / queries on what you would like to see in this Newsletter. You can email us at

Thanking you,
MTNLCloud Communication Team


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