How to do Video chat with your MTNL account


Users with MTNLCloud ( email account can do video chat with other users of MTNL. This article explains how to do the same. The Video chat works on WebRTC. We would recommend that you use Google Chrome (latest version) to do the chat.

  • Enter your full MTNL email ID in the Username field  (indicated by Red Oval)
  • Enter your MTNL email password in Password field (indicated by Blue Oval).
  • Click on Connect.
  • You will be logged in. When you login the first time, you will not have any contacts to chat with and will see the following dialog on the right hand side top part of your browser.

  • Click on new contact link in the above screen to add your MTNL contact.
  • Enter the full Email address of contact in Username field (indicated by Red Oval).
  • Enter a Nick name for contact in Alias field (indicated by Green Oval).
  • Click on Add button.
  • Once added, the contact has to confirm your addition. Once the contact confirms, you can see her in your Roster on the right as below
  • Make sure that the user is logged in. If the user is logged in, you will see a small colored circle to the top left of the user name.
  • To initiate a Video chat with user, click on user name (indicated by Red rectangle above).
  • You will get the following dialog
  • Click on the Video chat icon (indicated by Red Oval above).
  • You will be asked to give permission to Webcam and Mic as follows

  • Click on the Permission icon (indicated by Red Oval below) on top right corner of the browser and grant permission to access your Webcam / Mic.

  • Now the call will be initiated. The person you call gets a notification and once they accept, the call will start.

  • Call can be terminated by clicking on the Red hangup icon (indicated by Red oval above).
  • Call can be made Full screen by clicking on the Screen icon (indicated by Blue Oval above).
  • Happy Calling!


  • If you are behind a Firewall, or if your Router configuration is not Standard, the Video call will not work and following error message will be displayed.

  • In that case, please configure your Router in standard mode or ask your Firewall Administrator to remove restrictions for your browser.
  • If you are a corporate user and Firewall / router cannot be reconfigured, you may opt for Enterprise Chat from MTNL Cloud. Enterprise chat enables users to bypass their Firewalls / routers and have video chat with other users.